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Complete Building Certification – CBC Brisbane and South East Queensland Residential Building Certifiers and Town Planners

Complete Building Certification – CBC is a licensed residential building certification and town planning service for Brisbane architects, builders, project builders, building designers and homeowners who need building approvals delivered with complete professionalism and complete client satisfaction.


Founded by a former building officer for Brisbane City Council, who witnessed firsthand the frustrations many residential building professionals and homeowners experienced with the QLD building approvals process, Complete Building Certification – CBC exists to relieve you of the hassles and headaches of having your residential project certified.

Our Brisbane certifiers can provide building approvals and town planning applications for a variety of residential building projects, including:

  • New houses
  • Demolition of existing buildings
  • Removal of dwellings
  • Decks and patios
  • Townhouses
  • Carports and sheds
  • Granny flats
  • State Government projects
  • Alterations and additions

No matter what role you play when it comes to residential construction, you can benefit from a partnership with Complete Building Certification – CBC.

When choosing a building certifier and town planner, Brisbane architects need building certification consultants and town planners with a good understanding of legislation as well as those who have the ability to become part of the design solution. From a new house on a challenging site to an alteration/addition on a small lot, we can assist you with the entire town planning and building certification process.

When deciding on a private certifier, Brisbane builders not only need a great service at the building application stage but also need a certifier you can work with on site during the inspection stages. We also know that delays can cost money so we keep you on track with expert advice and expedited approvals throughout the life of your project.

In searching for the perfect building certifiers and town planners, Queensland project builders need building certification and town planning consultants that understand how you work, which is why we offer a fixed price for your certification.

When selecting private building certifiers and town planners, Brisbane building designers need a certification partner who understands that the majority of your projects are different and that is why we put an emphasis on working together to achieve a great result for your client. We can offer you a pre-lodgement assessment at the preliminary stages of your project to identify any issues that need to be addressed prior to the production of working drawings.

When deciding on the best building certifiers, homeowners need a professional team that will help simplify what can be a confusing process and a knowledgeable partner to guide you through the approvals needed to turn your dream home into a reality.

Bringing Personalisation to the Process

When it comes to building certification and town planning, Brisbane residential designers, builders and homeowners can count on Complete Building Certification – CBC to bring personalisation to the process. We assign each client their own building certification team, which includes a licensed certifier and an administrator to oversee each step of the application and approval process. Our goal is to ensure that your residential building project proceeds smoothly, without disruptions to your schedule or your budget.

As top Brisbane certifiers, what our clients appreciate the most is our ability to bring creative solutions to the table when you are facing a potential barrier to approval. Our experienced certification and town planning team has a combined half-century of experience in the building certification industry, including experience in not only interpreting but also writing building legislation.

Your Complete Building Certification and Town Planning team will be on hand from project inception to completion, providing expert guidance for compliance with Brisbane and Queensland building codes and full management of the Council approval process. Our administrative staff works closely with each certifier to ensure that all the relevant documentation on your project is flawlessly executed and filed in a timely fashion with Council so your project can proceed without hindrance.

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